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Corporate Wealth Management

Business choices are not always obvious, and retaining human capital is important.

At KGE Wealth Management, your business is our business and that should be the obvious corporation model to help you succeed. Let us help you find the best options for you and your employees. Too many choices can be as frustrating as too few. KGE Wealth Management can help you find the right retirement plan for your small business.

Establishing a retirement plan for yourself and your employees can help you attract and retain workers and give you personal and business tax deductions. You may have come close to making a plan, but every time you consider the overwhelming array of options like SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, and 401(k), it’s difficult to understand how such choices would affect your business in reality.

Investment Professionals Can Do More Than You Know

As you may already know, investment professionals from KGE Wealth Management understand the complexities of working with small businesses and corporate clients, and we can help you find a plan that meets your business objectives.

With our expertise, affluent clients can make informed decisions about which retirement plan best suits your needs. From investment banking, investment management, advisory services, and other products and services, a financial advisor at KGE Wealth Management can analyze the current and future needs of your business and provide a customized plan that fits within your budget.

We provide assistance in designing and implementing strategies that maximize investment returns, minimize taxes, and ensure long-term financial stability so that you can focus on your financial journey instead of how to get there. What’s most important is your human capital. 401k and retirement plans bring security to the wealth of your life and we have a human interest. Visit our family offices in Woodland Hills to discuss your retirement needs with one of our experienced advisors. We will get to know you, your goals, and provide you with a plan suited to your individual needs.

Investment Strategy

Our financial advisors and wealth managers create customized investment strategies based on your risk level, desired return, and financial goals. We specialize in retirement planning, asset protection, wealth accumulation and transfer, life insurance, estate planning, investment products, and charitable giving strategies. The goal is to help you preserve wealth while investing with a long-term outlook of success.

At KGE Wealth Management, we’ll work with you to determine the perfect retirement strategy that works best for your business. We have decades of experience developing the right strategies, selecting the right investments, and creating an overall plan that works best for your lifestyle. We understand the importance of diversifying, tax advantage savings plans, and allocating assets so you can confidently enjoy retirement benefits with security and peace of mind.

What Are Your Financial Goals?

Most retirement plans fall into three general categories: Individual Retirement Accounts, defined contribution plans, and defined benefit plans. Defined benefit plans commit the employer to provide a specified benefit to retirees, often based on a percentage of pay and the number of years the individual worked for the business. Whereas Individual Retirement Accounts depend on employee contributions. Most small businesses can’t carry the burden of such arrangements and opt instead for one of the other two types, not always to employee satisfaction.

Talk to Our Investment Advisers Today

Our private wealth advisors can give you peace of mind as well as you feel comfortable handling it. Furthermore, we will help you choose one of our financial advisors who is qualified to manage your retirement plan investments.

Investment Decisions

Investment decisions can be both an exhilarating and calm experience. Aspiring investment bankers must possess the power to comprehend the industry-related aspects that make or break a business venture. Knowing such details will propel them on their journey toward success in this field! Wealth management provides a comprehensive built in investment advise service that meets the unique needs of our privileged customers. It combines multiple financial services to assist them in attaining their long-term objectives.

Wealth Management Services

Depending on your financial situation, Wealth Management Services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. To get you started, we offer asset allocation advice, retirement planning services, portfolio management, and tax-efficient investing.

Our Wealth Management Process

At Wealth Management, we have a rigorous process in place that enables us to make the best investment decisions for our high-net-worth clients. Our process begins with a comprehensive analysis of our clients’ financial situation and investable assets, business practices, philanthropic planning, personal goals, and other complex needs. We serve customers in a variety of industries, including banking and finance, healthcare, real estate, technology, energy, investment management, private equity, and venture capital.

Once we have identified your financial goals and objectives, our team of experts may develop an individualized portfolio strategy tailored to meet those needs. This analysis is used to create an individualized financial plan that takes into account the client’s income, assets, liabilities, tax planning opportunities, and risk tolerance.

We use sophisticated models and cutting-edge technology to manage portfolios that are tailored to each client’s individual objectives. Our experienced professionals can draw upon their deep knowledge of asset classes and markets around the world, as well as our extensive network of relationships with top-tier financial institutions and advisors.

Talk to an Investment Professional Today!

KGE Wealth Management is committed to helping high-net-worth clients make sound and profitable investment decisions. Our team of experienced professionals can help you design a personalized financial plan that meets your goals and takes into account your individual situation. Get in touch today to get started with your very own dedicated account manager! It’s never too late to secure your future!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do wealth managers do?
Our wealth managers are financial professionals who help people manage their finances and make decisions about how to invest and grow their money. They can provide advice on a variety of topics related to retirement planning, estate planning, taxes, insurance, investments, and more. Wealth managers typically take a holistic approach that considers the client’s entire financial picture when making recommendations.

Why is wealth management so complicated?
Wealth management can be a complex subject because it involves understanding people’s personal financial situation, as well as the legal and tax implications that come with managing money. Wealth managers are skilled at navigating the intricacies of financial planning, so they can help clients navigate their options and make informed decisions about their finances.

What should I look for in a wealth manager?
When selecting a wealth manager, it is important to consider whether the person or firm has the experience and qualifications necessary to handle your finances. It is also important to ask questions about their approach, fees, and services they offer. Additionally, you should feel comfortable discussing personal financial information with them to ensure a successful working relationship.

Is an investment firm the same as a wealth manager?
No, an investment firm and a wealth manager are not the same. An investment firm is typically focused on managing investments in private markets and has a minimum investment amount, while a wealth manager is more comprehensive in scope and may offer services such as retirement planning, tax strategies, estate planning, insurance advice, and other financial guidance. The right wealth manager should understand your overall financial goals and provide tailored solutions to help you reach those goals.

How long has KGE Wealth Management been in the wealth management industry?
KGE Wealth Management has been in the wealth management industry for over 25 years. Our team of experts has gained extensive knowledge of the financial services space and uses that expertise to help high-net-worth individuals make sound decisions about their finances. We specialize in providing comprehensive tax planning services, retirement income planning, and estate planning that are tailored.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can use our experience and knowledge to help you reach your financial goals. Thank you for considering KGE Wealth Management for your wealth management needs!

What is the securities exchange act?
The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 is a law that requires companies to register their securities with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) before offering them for sale to the public. The act also regulates how publicly traded securities are traded, including requiring disclosure of financial information by public companies and prohibiting insider trading.

What is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority?
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a non-governmental organization that regulates the activities of brokerage firms and securities brokers. FINRA sets rules for the securities industry, such as limiting sales practices and enforcing investor protection laws. The agency also investigates complaints against firms or individuals and can impose fines in some cases.

What type of services does FINRA provide?
FINRA provides a wide range of services to its members, including market surveillance and enforcement of securities regulations. The agency also sets standards for broker-dealer operations, such as record-keeping and operational requirements. Additionally, FINRA provides investor education materials to the public on topics ranging from understanding the basics of investing to avoiding fraud and identity theft. FINRA also administers the licensing exams required to become a security professional, such as the Series 7 exam.

FINRA is responsible for creating rules and regulations to ensure that broker-dealers are operating within legal parameters and that consumers are being treated fairly. This includes monitoring trading activities, performing background checks on industry professionals, and enforcing compliance for its members. FINRA also investigates allegations of fraud or other misconduct by firms or individuals in the industry.

Why is this federal government agency important?
The federal government agency is important because it provides a uniform standard of regulation and oversight for securities laws and regulations, which helps to protect investors from fraud. It also serves as an enforcement body that can investigate suspected violations of the law and levy penalties against violators. The agency also provides education about financial markets and investor protection.

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